abs workout formulaThe CLA in Ab Cuts has been proven to help reduce stubborn midsection or belly fat. Those last few pounds that you just can’t seem to shake? We’ve got you covered. If you really want to flatten your midsection and keep it that way you will have to exercise as well. Part of what makes up your belly is your abdominal musicles. If you start to strengthen these muscles, they work like an internal girdle, pulling your stomach in, flattening it, and showing those ab you’ve achieved with Ab Cuts.

Try this ab circuit to get started:
Forearm Plank: 30 -60 seconds,
Full Sit-ups: 30,
Bicycle Crunches: 20 each side, Plank Oblique Twists: 15 each side,
Medicine Ball Twists: 15 each side,
Pike-Up Plank: 20,
Boat Sit-ups: 30
*Repeat 4x

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